Virtual career guidance offer

This alternative programme to Talentcheck is intended to support adolescents in the 7th and/or 8th grade in the career orientation process. The focus here is on interests, as due to the current situation, skills and abilities cannot be assessed on site at the Talentcenter, but the preliminary assessment can still be conducted online.

Through the interactive WEBinar, adolescents not only get a detailed insight into the topic of interests and what role these interests play in the further choice of education, but they are also intensively prepared for their visit to the Talentcenter, to assess the skills and abilities.


In order to best support students in making the leap into the world of work, individual advising based on the Talentreport is available from the 2020/21 school year.

Thanks to financing from the Department of Economics of the State of Styria and the support of Styria’s Department of Education, it is possible for trained vocational orientation guides with knowledge of the region to help students put the results of the Talentcheck into practice.


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Career guidance fairs

Since education fairs had to be cancelled as face-to-face events due to Covid-19, there are already some alternative online formats to guide adolescents through the jungle of career orientation in the best possible way. The Talentcenter of the Styrian Economic Chamber is happy to provide support and is also part of these online fairs.

Fascination - Technology Online Challenge

The Challenge that was already arranged in the Europasaal was reworked and moved to the virtual space.
The big change: This time there are three smaller challenges for the teams. The Talentcenter is also part of this online challenge and is participating as an online exhibitor.

Check your Future

The Leibnitz 2020 Education Fair in the online format is supported by regional funds from Southwest Styria within the framework of the Styrian State and Regional Development Act. The Talentcenter is also represented in the interactive list of exhibitors.

Styrian BBO Week

During the action week from 23rd to 27th November 2020, more than 30 free online offers, webinars and videos as well as interesting facts and information about Education | Career | Orientation will be offered. The Talentcenter is represented in the form of webinars.


Free WEBinars

Digitalisation is more than just a buzzword at the Talentcenter. In the time of the school closures, we reacted very quickly and offered webinars on the topic of “Career orientation”. Experts were available for all interested persons and they tried to shed some light on the jungle of career orientation. Experts from different fields were available for those interested; to give professional inputs and to take questions. The webinars can still be viewed on our homepage.


No boredom in the holidays

Even during the summer holidays, we reacted quickly to the ongoing difficult childcare situation and further extended the holiday offers. The summer weeks were fully booked again this year and planning for next year is already in full swing.

Active Coding Week

Are you as fascinated by the computer world as you are by the real world? Do you love to be active online and offline? Would you rather have a robot as a pet than a cat? Then you’ve come to the right place! Dive into the digital world. Learn how to programme games, shoot videos or launch an app step by step. Join the Active Coding Week and get your mind and body going! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, coding and exercises are on the agenda for a whole week.

Inventor Week

Do you dream of a dishwasher that fills itself or a tidying machine? “Not possible” doesn’t exist for you? Then bring your ideas to life! Come to Inventor Week and invent your own machine! You can use materials such as wood, metal or electrical elements to turn your fantasy machine into reality. Designing, building, experimenting, inventing – and of course you – will be the focus for a whole week.

Coding Week - Caritas

Twelve teens trade a week of their vacation to dive into a new and different world. As part of the Coding Week at the Talentcenter of the Styrian Economic Chamber, developed in cooperation with Caritas Graz, teens can tinker with simple programming languages and robotic elements, program them and try them out straight away.


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Karriere Krone

Schüler Grazer

Kleine Zeitung

New Job


Discover your talents and make a career start!
The President of the Economic Chamber, Mr Josef Herk, talks about the Talentcenter and current topics.

Schüler Grazer

Here you not only gain an insight into the current topics related to life as an adolescent in Graz, but also learn more about the Talentcenter.

Kleine Zeitung

In this issue of Newspaper for kids, on the main topic “A Different kind of (Educational) Guidance”, the Talentcenter is also represented.


New Job

You can also find the Talentcenter in the latest “New Job” issue – the guide to a professional career.


With the “Future Factory of the Children’s City”, children are offered the opportunity to work with the topic of digitalisation and its effects in small groups and WORKSHOPS. A playful environment is created for children through which they can directly experience the development from the analogue to the digital “age” and thus create their future ideas of a city life that is “desirable” for them. Together with bits4kids, the Talentcenter is able to offer the children an opportunity to engage with this seminal topic.

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