Coding Week

Support for youth with immigrant backgrounds

During Coding Week, young women and men ages 13-18 with immigrant backgrounds from widely differing nationalities, such as Syria, Afghanistan, Congo or Mongolia, as well as from Austria, were able to give their creativity and imagination free rein. They worked with young trainers from bits4kids to bring their own ideas to life in the form of computer games they programmed themselves. At the end of the week, the teens presented their games not only to their own group, but also thoroughly impressed the Vice-president of the WKO Styria, Gabriele Lechner. The entire week was financed by the WKO Styria in order to give the teens a unique opportunity and awaken their interest in the subject. Well-trained professionals are always being sought in Austria and digitization is more than just a catch phrase at the Talentcenter of the Styrian Economic Chamber!


Caritas Coding Week

The Talentcenter of the Styrian Economic Chamber, together with Caritas, offered teens with immigrant backgrounds a unique opportunity.


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Coding Week

Programming and robotics for creative minds from eleven to fifteen years old

Using simple programming languages and robotics elements (e.g. Pocket Code, Scratch, Unity 3D, plugins for Minecraft, Lego City, etc.), children were able to program animations and games and try them out right away with the help of young trainers. You don’t just need creativity for this, but also brains and imagination.

Facts about Coding Week

Combining computer and free time, with your parents’ blessing? – PERFECT! Then you’ve come to right place!


July 13-17, 2020 (Graz)

Contact Person

Talentcenter of the Styrian Economic Chamber
Mag. Bettina Ganglberger


Mon-Fri from 8:00 a.m – 1:00 p.m.


WKO Styria, Körblergasse 111-113, 8010 Graz

Target Group

Children and youth from thirteen to eighteen


Caritas Styria

Cost contribution


Food and beverages

Snacks and drinks included

Programing & robotics

Trainers from bits4kids 

Summer, sun and sunshine. Summer is a time when you can let your soul swing free, but still discover new things. That’s where the Summer Weeks at the Talent Center come in. They offer an opportunity to get to know new areas that you might not have thought about before, from programming to working with a wide range of materials. The Summer Weeks at the Talent Center broaden your horizons and offer children a unique opportunity to find out about new professions in a fun way.

Dr. Martin Neubauer,
Institute Director WIFI Styria

Still need childcare for summer vacation?

Then grab a spot for our Coding Weeks while you still can!