Online Coding Week

Time for a Challenge

In the first step, the trainers do the key work and you can observe and think along with them. In the second step, it’s your turn to do the work and put your knowledge into practice. You will be supported by trainers who will supervise you in small groups and will be there to answer your questions.


  • Scratch: Program your own game
  • Code Combat: Video sensing – Integrate yourself into the game
  • Pocket Code: Programming with the smartphone
  • Micro:bit: Create your own projects

Active Coding Week 2020

With the “Active Coding Week”, the Talentcenter of the Styrian Economic Chamber offers 7 to 15-year-olds an immersion in the world of programming, exercise, and sport. Active. And interactive.

Facts about Online Coding Week

Combining computer and free time with the permission of your parents? – PERFECT! You’ve come to the right place.




Talentcenter of the Styrian Economic Chamber
0316 602-8103


Mon-Fri from 9.00-11.00am



Target group

Children and adolescents aged ten to fifteen


Beginners and advanced


€50.00 (no deductible VAT )

Maximum group size

16 participants

Programming & Robotics

Trainers from bits4kids 


Only a computer or laptop with headset (+ possibly camera) & internet connection.

Further questions?

We are here to help!

Summer, sun and sunshine. Summer is a time when you can let your soul swing free, but still discover new things. That’s where the Summer Weeks at the Talent Center come in. They offer an opportunity to get to know new areas that you might not have thought about before, from programming to working with a wide range of materials. The Summer Weeks at the Talent Center broaden your horizons and offer children a unique opportunity to find out about new professions in a fun way.

Dr. Martin Neubauer,
Institute Director WIFI Styria

Active Coding Week

Vacation program