The Talentcheck

Platform for vocational orientation

With the new Talentcenter, the WKO Styria, together with its scientific partner, the University of Graz, has created something unique within all of Austria: A total of 48 testing stations are available to delve into the interests, talents and potential of 13 to 15-year-olds in the 7th or 8th year of school, right on the cusp of making decisions about their training or profession.







The vocational orientation methods at the Talentcenter were developed as part of a research project at the University of Graz and are still being further developed and refined. Various testing stations are set up at the Talentcenter and the equipment includes installations, PCs with touchscreens, compact workstations, a presentation area and motor skill stations, as well as a break room and “relaxation zone”. The goal of all of this is to examine students’ personal interests, motor skills and receptivity, cognitive abilities, general skills and career-relevant knowledge.


Following a brief pre-evaluation at school, the day at the Talentcenter – including greeting, testing, breaks and dismissal – takes around four and a half hours. The students are accompanied through the test course by Guides and undergo assessments of their cognitive abilities, motor skills, general skills and career-relevant knowledge. At the end, everyone receives a certificate. The individual Talentreport for each student can be retrieved after the visit using the student’s chosen user name and password via Login Talentreport .


Education and training are of central importance in Austria. Our school and vocational training programs prepare young people for life. However, when it is time to consider their profession and career, there is often a lack of orientation for youth. On the other hand, companies increasingly struggle to find suitable employees.

The Talentcenter of the Styrian Economic Chamber sees itself as an orientation platform which supports young people in schools and training programs: It offers youth assistance in making the decisions to find a training program that is both right for them and will lead them to their goals.


To receive their results, young people can retrieve their individual Talentreport online the next day. The Talentreport is a written and graphical representation of the results that is easy to understand and offers a chance to actively engage with the topic of vocational orientation, including a list of suggestions for suitable occupations with different educational paths.


With vocational training, young people lay the corner stone for their careers and the rest of their lives. In finding a direction, interests and talents are important indicators. The Talentcheck helps to illuminate those that are most pronounced for each individual student and provides recommendations for future training and occupational opportunities. With the result – the personal Talentreport – it is easier for the student to orient themselves.

Facts about the Talentcheck

The Talentcenter helps young people discover the best in themselves! Teachers are supported on-site in preparing and carrying out the event by the Talentcenter Team. The students are accompanied through the test course by Guides.

Target group

13 to 15-year-olds in the 7th or 8th year of school.


WKO Styria, Körblergasse 111-113, 8010 Graz

Cost contribution

WKO Styria provides the Talentcheck to classes of Styrian students for a contribution of € 15 per student.

Food and beverages

Snacks and drinks are includes.

Maximum group size

48 participants


Talentcenter of the Styrian Economic Chamber
0316 602 8116


Prior to visiting the Talentcenter, a pre-evaluation must be completed at school.


Results take the form of a personal Talentreport, which the young people can download the next day from the Internet.


The Talentcheck, including greeting, testing, breaks and dismissal, takes around four and a half hours.

Class registration

Using our Online Registration, you can select a suitable date.

“We know that grades at school say very little about career opportunities. The new Talentcenter provides valuable assessments of tendencies, talents and prospects. Together with styrian businesses, we have invested 3 million Euro in our most important worksite: our youth!”

Ing. Josef Herk,
President of the Styria Chamber of Commerce

The know-how of the University of Graz helps young people gain a clear picture of their strengths and thus helps them make an informed career choice. The cooperation proves that scientific expertise reaches society and provides solutions to help shape the world of tomorrow.

Associate Professor Dr. Martin Polaschek,
President of the University of Graz

The talents of our children in our country are the most important raw material for future generations. If these talents are recognized and supported, ideally they can provide for general well-being and the greatest possible satisfaction in life. Whether it be in the areas of natural science, manual trades, sports, intellectual fields or many others – the economy and society at large are driven by diverse young people who fit as nearly as possible the modern requirements of our time. These differences, which are positively mapped out for each student at the Talentcenter in the form of career recommendations and a Talentreport, are a priceless source of information for the child’s future educational journey and the right training course.

Dipl.-Päd. HOL Elisabeth Meixner, BED,
Director of Education, Department of Education of Styria

The Talentcenter is an important building block in the process-oriented vocational orientation measures offered in level 1 secondary schooling. Participation in the Talentcheck should be voluntary and based on active interest. The results serve as an orientation aid for students and parents. Teachers should responsibly accompany participation in the Talent Check, always  bearing data protection concerns in mind.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christa Neuper,
Ehemalige Rektorin der Karl Franzens-Universität Graz

The State School Board for Styria wholeheartedly welcomes the Talentcenter at WKO Styria. The testing at the Talentcenter represents a valuable enrichment of the vocational orientation measures offered in level 1 secondary schooling. The student advisers are asked to provide relevant information – particularly with a view to further advising – at the schools themselves. The State School Board of Styria hopes that the Talentcenter will be taken advantage of as widely as possible.

Hofrat Dr. Josef Zollneritsch,
Department Head, Department of Education of Styria, Dept. Committee/6 School Psychology & School Medical Service

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