The Talentreport

Feedback on the following areas

Personal interests

Motor skills and receptivity

Cognitive abilities

General skills and career-relevant knowledge

Occupations with different educational paths




Explanation of the Talentreport

In this video, you will find an explanation of the Talentreport and help in working with it. There is also an explanation of the structure of the Talent Report and a brief description of the most important next steps for you to take. Take time and read your Talent Report carefully.


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Map “Vocational Orientation with Heart and Mind”

So you don’t get lost in the jungle of vocational orientation, we would like to give you an overview of the most important steps in the vocational orientation process  with our map “Vocational Orientation with Heart and Mind”. You can also use the check boxes to review the milestones you’ve reached so far, check them off and keep and eye on your own individual development.


This Guide was created in conjunction with the University College of Teacher Education Styria and teachers from Styria. Proven methods already in use have been brought together to help you make best use of the Talentreport.

The Talentreport

How to read the Talentreport

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